Transcription Services.

Transcription Services

Our transcription services consist of Legal, Medical and Insurance transcription transcribed via audio and video. To learn some valuable tips, as well as the benefits of partnering with an experienced transcription provider, checkout our Transcription Blogs for further details.

Court Transcription & Deposition Services.

Court Transcription & Deposition Services

Dedicated to transcribing audio and video depositions, as well as Hearings, Court Transcription, Legal Interviews, legal documents and more!

Secretarial Services.

Secretarial Services

 Our Dallas Secretarial Service provides a variety of administrative services.  Additional services such as Word Processing, Scheduling Meetings,  and more--can all be done here!  Our Virtual Assistant Services, along with our Virtual Administrative Packages are designed for the office that needs a little support and price to fit any budget 


We DO NOT accept walk-ins.  Please schedule an appointment to meet with us and please phone or email us BEFORE dropping off any Projects.  In addition, we ONLY accept copies; we do not accept or will be responsible for originals.

BEFORE beginning ANY Project a signed Agreement(s) and a Deposit is required; 


Our Payment Methods: