Medical Transcription Services

For the past 19 years, our Dallas Medical Transcription Services have worked alongside various healthcare providers such as physicians, nurse practitioner(s), specialty hospitals, clinics, etc. assisting with clinical documentation.  The need for accuracy and legibility of the medical notes, reports and claims as well as the timeliness in the processing of them makes partnering with the right medical transcription service a necessity. 

In addition to our years of experience, our diverse background in the medical field working with various specialties such as:  Pathology, Oncology, Radiology, etc. gives us a unique skill set when supporting medical providers.  It also affords us an insight into each area we are exposed to, harnessing and harvesting all knowledge gained, giving us an opportunity to add value to each relationship (old and new); also being one of the many benefits of partnering.

Some of the additional perks that goes along with partnering includes:


· Quality Assurance (of all reports)

· U.S. Based

· Flexible TAT

· Valuable Solutions

· Industry Expertise

Some of the various dictation transcribed by our medical transcription services include medical histories, summaries, medical records and reports, etc. We are also HIPAA compliant with 98 - 100% accuracy rate, all at an affordable cost!  All these added values and benefits makes our medical transcription service an asset to any medical practice and a great way to Save Your Day! 

Located in Dallas,Texas serving surrounding areas such as Garland, Mesquite, Richardson, Plano, Addison, Arlington, Denton and Carrollton, as well as Austin, Houston and San Antonio.    

Our Dallas Medical Transcription Services Include:


Pathology Medical Transcription

Transcribing Pathology Reports, usually containing the gross description, the microscopic examination and the diagnosis for Pathology, Forensic Pathology and Anatomical Pathology.  Our medical transcription services has many years of experience transcribing this specialty.


Oncology Medical Transcription

We provide medical transcription services for various Oncologists such as:  Medical, Surgical, Radiation, Gynecology, Pediatric and Hematologist-Oncologist.  All of which requires a unique set of training and skills of which we are equipped to provide.  


Radiology Medical Transcription

After the Radiologist has diagnosed and treated the disease via MRI scans, CT scans and Ultrasound, the final step is where our medical transcription services comes in by transcribing the dictated notes for the medical record. 

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ob-Gyn Medical Transcription

The focus of this specialty is on the health and medical care of the female reproductive system.  This branch of medicine comes with its own unique language, requiring the expertise of a medical transcription services (such as ours) familiar with its terminology.


Dermatology Medical Transcription

Our Dermatology medical transcription services generally consists of letters dictated to a referring physician, a chart note regarding a follow-up visit, an H&P Examination, as well as a discharge summary of the treatment received, the condition and medication the patient was on at the time he or she was released. 

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Transcription

These medical specialists known as internists or physicians specialize in the preventing, diagnosing and the treating of adult diseases.  Our medical transcription services' diverse background and experience in this specialty along with various other medical specialties equips us to take care of your medical transcription needs.