HANDWRITTEN documents: a) Indentions (more than (3), on both sides b) Paragraph swapping(more than (3); c) Scratch & Cross outs; d) Bulleted lines – Will “cost” extra.  (Please be sure and disclose at this time, during the initial estimate). Extra cost will be disclosed with estimate OR at the time of discovery.  

DOCUMENTS - Documents that contain:  a) Bulleted items  b) Columns  c)  Tables  d) Charts &/or Graphs  e) Footnotes/References  f) Anything extra - will require extra charges; (Please bring this to our attention during this initial phase to be priced accordingly and to avoid being added later before the completion of project).  

CASSETTE(S) – Any cassette(s) received (by JTCB and/or our office) and the Project is cancelled, a $25.00 fee will be assessed for the “administrative process” required for cassettes. 

In addition, we ONLY accept copies. We do not accept or will be responsible for originals. 

BEFORE beginning ANY Project a signed Agreement(s) and a Deposit is required; 


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